We run training in bike repairs and mechanics at our Walmgate Warehouse. If you’re interested in learning how to look after your bike, either to cut the costs or because you enjoy doing it yourself, we can help.

We have two type of bike maintenance course available. Our informal courses are ideal if you want to learn how to look after your own bike. Our Velotech accredited courses are recommended if you are going to be responsible for servicing or repairing other people’s bikes. If you are involved in or setting up a bike project, or hiring, selling or servicing bikes then the Velotech courses are designed for you.

Informal Courses:

Easy Bike Maintenance for Beginners – one day £95 per person

Bike Rescue (14 of 23)

Panicked by Punctures? Bemused by Brakes? This is for you!

A fun and informal hands-on one day workshop suitable for you if you little or no experience of fixing your bike.

Many cyclists are put off cycling because there is something wrong with the bike and they do not know how to fix it or even what the problem is.

The aim of the course is to enable you to do basic safety checks, adjustments and minor repairs so that you can continue to enjoy cycling and maybe enjoy longer rides without worrying about something going wrong.

At the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Carry out a simple bike safety and equipment check
  • Understand how it all works and how it goes wrong
  • Make simple adjustments to the bike for sizing and improved function
  • Carry out common minor service repairs that do not require many specialist tools
  • Identify major faults that will need a workshop repair

During the day you will get up close and personal with your bike (or one of ours if you can’t bring your own). Be prepared to get dirty, so dress appropriately. This session is run as a small group in our workshop – tea, coffee, biscuits provided. Bring a packed lunch or there are shops nearby.

DIY Bike Servicing and Repair  


Want to service, repair or rebuild your own bike? This is for you! This course is split into two days – Basic and Intermediate. You can select one day or both depending on your experience.  If you have no prior experience of bike repair, you should do the Easy Bike Maintenance for Beginners course first as you will need a basic level of knowledge to keep up. We recommend that you talk to us about which course is best for you. Be prepared to get dirty, so dress appropriately. These sessions are run as a small group in our workshop – tea, coffee, biscuits provided. Bring a packed lunch or there are shops nearby.

 Bike Rescue (15 of 23)

Basic course – one day £95 per person

On this course you will learn the following:

  • Replace brake levers, arms and blocks
  • Replace brake cables / outers
  • Correct common faults with the brake mechanism
  • Basic wheel true
  • Set up brake system
  • Replace gear cables / outers
  • Correct common faults with the gear system
  • Set up indexed gear systems


Intermediate course – one day £95 per person

On this course you will learn the following:

  • Remove and replace front and rear derailleur
  • Remove and replace the chainset and bottom bracket
  • Remove and replace freewheel / cassette
  • Remove and replace the chain to correct length
  • Service and repair of front and rear hubs
  • Remove and replace freehub body
  • Service headset

Velotech courses and qualifications

Velotech is a nationally-recognised, modular training qualification. The people who set up Velotech, Jeff Beech and Graeme Freestone King, designed the standards for the Cytech qualification, and worked with Weldtite to set up a training arm, which later became Velotech.

These courses are aimed at people who need to obtain an industry recognised qualification. The course is available at three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. This is very much hands-on learning at a detailed level, and includes discussions of industry standards where necessary. At the higher levels of Silver and Gold the trainee will cover many of the common types of brake and gear system and be expected to understand the implications of compatibility between the types of components and make appropriate decisions. At the end of the Gold course you should be capable of self-guided working on most types of bike to a high level of quality. Assessment is continuous during the course with the emphasis on doing / experiencing and with minimal written work.  Silver and Gold courses are only suitable for people who have already gained some experience working with bicycles. The course fee includes all certificate costs.  Please be aware that these are assessed courses, there is no guarantee of successfully completing the required assessment within the time allowed. For this reason we recommend some prior experience. Many people also choose to split the Gold course over two sets of two days, with some time for practice in between. All candidates are welcome to spend some time practising in our workshop either during the course or immediately afterwards.

Bronze – one day £150 per person

This is suitable for someone who will be responsible for checking that bikes are safe to ride, for instance as part of a hire fleet or after being repaired or built. This would cover checking a bike is safe and using correct documentation for the Pre Delivery Inspection, fixing a puncture and changing a tyre, and making adjustments to the bike to set up brakes and gears correctly and to fix any minor faults that don’t require replacing major components.

Silver – two days £300 per person

On completion of the Silver award, the candidate should be able to complete a full strip and reassembly of the bicycle, excluding the removal of the headset and bottom bracket. This strip and reassembly should include the ability to make basic component replacements, and will cover more than one type of brake system. The Silver course will give you a good mechanical knowledge for rebuilding a bike but without the breadth and depth of knowledge that is involved with the Gold course.

Gold – four days  £600 per person

At the end of a gold course of instruction and assessment, the candidate should be able to complete a strip and reassembly of all parts of the bike including the removal and refitting of a headset and bottom bracket, with both like-for-like components, and with a knowledge of the considerations required if changes in specification of components are contemplated. The Gold course will include more detailed discussion of different industry standards for components.

Please contact us for more details: admin@bikerescueproject.org.uk


We are looking to run Government apprenticeships, probably froBike Rescue (1 of 23)m July 2016. Currently we offer an informal apprenticeship, arranged through partnership working with schools and agencies.

All our own mechanics have been trained to Platinum Velotech Standard or higher. At the moment we work with schools and academies by referral and run our own courses funded by the European Social Fund and other funders.

All training takes place in the Walmgate Warehouse and is part of the production environment. Trainees work on producing bikes for re-sale, so it’s live and real: there are also customers and deadlines to deal with!

Get in touch

For more information about training, short courses, and apprenticeships, contact Simon, our Training Manager: training@bikerescueproject.org.uk

You may also contact Romain: admin@bikerescueproject.org.uk