Hub-Station - CopyRefurbished Bikes

From £75: cheap, safe, reliable, up to £400: special, lightweight, desirable!

We have a big range of bikes in stock and we try to keep a good selection ready to be purchased at The Hub Station. If we haven’t got what you want we are happy for you to look in the warehouse. Budget bikes come with a 1-month warranty, and Silver, Gold and Platinum bikes come with a 3-month warranty. We have high standards for refurbishment and you should be able to rely on your bike for many years especially if you keep it regularly maintained. We are happy to check it over at any time if you are concerned.

All our bicycles are donated by the public in York or further afield in Yorkshire. They are sorted and then those that can be restored have a full refurbishment. Everything we think is worn will be replaced, with either new or second-hand parts from stripped bikes. This happens at our Warehouse and Training Centre on Walmgate.

Servicing and repairs

We offer a full range of servicing and repairs, and we do our best to keep the cost down whilst offering you the very highest standard of service. We will use good quality second hand parts if that is what’s needed, or we can build brand new wheels to your specifications if you wish. We are Sturmey Archer specialists and will strip and refurbish a hub for you.

Our standard services are:

  • Bronze: £25 Safety check and Adjust. (Choose this if you haven’t ridden the bike for a while, or it’s new to you.)
  • Silver: £40 Check, Adjust, New Cables, Lubricate. If you generally keep your bike in good order this will be sufficient to keep it rolling and to make sure everything works fine.
  • Gold: £60 Regrease all bearings, Replace cables, Adjust, Lubricate. This is the service you want to give your bike every now and again to keep it in top riding condition. How often depends on how many miles, but you will enjoy riding it so much more when its had this bit of TLC.

If you think there is something wrong with your bike, just bring it to the Hub Station and we will have a quick look and work out what is wrong. We may be able to give you an estimate on the spot or we may book it in for one free of charge. You can also book it in for repair over the phone, we aim to get bike done the same day.

We’re always happy to look over a bike for free, and pump up your tyres for free!

Secure parking

You can leave your bike with us to be looked after for a suggested donation of £1 (or more!) a day or £2 overnight. There are good cafes nearby to buy sandwiches, cake and coffee.

Opening hours and location

The Hub Station is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm and Saturday, 9.30am – 5pm.

Wellington Row
North Yorkshire

01904 733789